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Environmental Policy

The small steps we take to help protect our planet:

·        We only ever use recycled paper.

·        {C}We endeavour to print as little as possible – our only regular printouts are your dispatch/returns note and the odd invoice!

·        {C}All ink cartridges are given to charities for recycling when empty.

·        {C}Everything we use within our office that can be recycled, will be recycled.

·        {C}We only use energy-saving light bulbs in our office, and they are only ever switched on when it actually gets dark.  Our desks are also positioned near the windows to maximise the natural light!

·        {C}We have no air conditioning systems in our office and the heating is only ever switched on when it gets genuinely icy cold – good insulation, hot drinks and jumpers in winter, and open windows in summer are all we need for most of the year!

·        {C}We have virtually zero waste within our business.

·        {C}All the packaging we use to dispatch your order is either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

·        {C}All electrical equipment in our office is switched off at the end of the day, nothing is left on stand-by.

·        {C}We have made a considerable effort to source as many British brands as possible for this website, currently at 72%, but this will increase as more brands are added over the coming months.

·        {C}All the brands we have chosen, wherever they are in the world, have a strong environmental and ethical policy of their own.

·        {C}The packaging of pretty much all the products on this website are recyclable once used.


We are constantly seeking to improve the way we run our business, both in the short and long term, with the aim of becoming a totally carbon-neutral company in the not too distant future.